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3D Rhinoplasty Imaging: Virtual Computer Before and After Morphing

Leading Beverly Hills rhinoplasty specialist provides 3D imaging for plastic surgery in California. Used for primary Rhinoplasty Nose reshaping, Ethnic Rhinoplasty (Nose Jobs), Revision Rhinoplasty, and other reshaping plastic surgery.


3D Imaging

3D Computer imaging helps Dr Payman Simoni to predict the final result after surgery. This new state of the art technology allows the patients to get a true lifelike idea of what to expect of their rhinoplasty procedure. 3D computer imaging is available for consultations at Simoni plastic surgery in Los Angles, CA.

3D Computer imaging gives the patient the most realistic preview of what to expect. This 3D computer imaging technology is also beneficial to Dr. Simoni in helping the patient understand their desired expectation, so realistic goals are met.

Dr Simoni, one of the most skilled rhinoplasty surgeons in the field of rhinoplasty, utilizes 3-D imaging to give his patients a clearer idea of how nose surgery – a procedure that can often alter the appearance of the entire face – will enhance the facial aesthetics. This technology also makes it much easier for patients to visualize the possible results and discuss them Dr Simoni.

Dr Simoni always explains to his patients that 3D imaging is a realistic tool but acts only as a guide to the final result of surgery not a guarantee.

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