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Ethnic Rhinoplasty – The Latest Trend


The newest trend in Rhinoplasty is that of the ethnic Rhinoplasty. This new focus of plastic surgery is sparking a rise in “Ethnic Blending” which is the concept that as everyone wants to minimize their nose, the noses are looking more alike across the board. Typically, Asians want a more prominent nose as theirs are wide and have poor cartilage support, while the common concern with Black patients is the width of their nostrils. And in terms of Middle Easterners they have very distinct shape and often times a “hump” they are unhappy with.

One major concern with those of ethnic backgrounds seeking nose jobs is that they don’t want having the procedure to be seen as an unhappiness with who they are and that they are not proud of the attributes common with their heritage. Dr. Payman Simoni, a Beverly Hills surgeon who specializes in Rhinoplasty, focuses on minimizing the nose and drawing attention to the eyes instead. Simoni states,“ The ethnic nose job is very difficult and the key is to create subtle changes in the profile and in the definition of the nose, without completely changing their ethnic characteristic.”

In this ethnic Rhinoplasty, an experienced surgeon should maintain an individuals facial balance, as well as stay true to their given racial attributes. Dr. Simoni stresses, “A surgeon needs to be extremely knowledgeable to the unique anatomical nasal distinctions. He adds, “The technique for an ethnic nose job is very much different than the traditional process. If a surgeon is not skilled in this aspect and familiar with ethnic Rhinoplasty the result could be disastrous, and the nose can end up pinched, upturned or a number of other undesired variations. The most well known case of this type of mistake is that of Michael Jackson’s nose”

With the use of computer imaging, vital to this sort of procedure, Dr. Simoni is able to pinpoint both his and his patients’ desired objectives and therefore achieve remarkable results.

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